How Much Does a Maltipoo Cost?

This Maltipoo Pricing Guide will help you in learning the costs of purchasing as well as continued costs of a Maltipoo. There are many factors to consider when looking for a maltipoo and the costs and value of these factors can vary. We’ll go through a few of the most common items to consider when looking for a Maltipoo Puppy.

  • The initial purchase of a Maltipoo

  • Things to watch out for when purchasing a Maltipoo

  • The lifetime cost associated with raising Maltipoos

Where to purchase a Maltipoo.

You can find maltipoos for sale on breeders websites, on classifieds like Puppy Spot, or from a rescue shelter. Where you find your Maltipoo can determine many things so we’ll break down what you can expect and what to watch out for with each:

Adopting a Maltipoo from a Rescue Shelter $100 - $600

Maltipoos from rescue shelters can cost around $100 - $600. There is nothing wrong with wanting to adopt a pet from a rescue shelter. Pet’s often find their way to these shelters through no fault of their own and it is noble to want to rescue an animal and potentially save a life.

Many people consider adopting through a shelter but it is more rare to find a particular breed that you have in mind. Sometimes you have to wait months for the chance of a Maltipoo showing up at a shelter and you’ll often be on a waiting list. If you’re interested in adopting a Maltipoo from a shelter, the best chance is to call your local shelters and discuss with them the costs and chance of adopting.

Keep in mind, when adopting from a shelter there can be many unknowns, and for some that is completely okay. Not knowing where your maltipoo came from means not knowing the origins of the parents or knowing what conditions they lived in previously. Maltipoos are very affectionate breeds that need tons of love. If they come from an abandoned or abusive environment, it can be more challenging to build a trust with your Maltipoo and it can take more time to correct any less than ideal behaviors.

Purchasing a Maltipoo from a Puppy Classifieds $600 - $4,000

Purchasing a Maltipoo from a puppy classifieds can cost anywhere from $600 - $4,000. When browsing websites like Craigslist, KSL Classifieds, PuppyFind or PuppySpot you want to do your homework and not assume you’re covered by any breeding standards that a classifieds lists. It’s often hard for these classified sites to guarantee breeders meet a certain breeding standard.

The range of risks in purchasing a Maltipoo puppy are likely the highest when purchasing from these classifieds. There are many stories of irresponsible breeders meeting people at a central location to sell puppies and when they finally purchase the puppy, they find out there are health problems or other issues and they have no way of contacting the breeder again for any resolution.

If you do find a puppy you’re in love with on one of these sites, there are a few things you want to consider like the living conditions, health guarantee, and breeding standards. In this article below, we’ll break down a few areas to consider to help you make doing your homework much easier so you can feel confident in your purchase.

A Maltipoo Breeder’s Website $1,000 to $4,000

Purchasing a Maltipoo from a breeders website is where the price can really range from $1,000 to $4,000. Our available maltipoo puppies start at $2,500 and come with an amazing 1 - year health guarantee. There can be many advantages to buying a puppy from a breeders website as opposed to a classifieds. A website can offer more information and transparency than a simple puppy listing. You can read more about a breeder and their history with Maltipoos and not just about the puppy itself.

Although purchasing from a breeder’s website can make you feel more confident about the quality of puppy you are buying, it’s also easy for a breeder to tell you what you want to hear and make you feel confident in your purchase. The truth is you can still get caught up with the same risks as purchasing from a classified site but the risks are far less likely and are reduced greatly when doing your homework which we’ll guide you on below.

What to look for when purchasing a Maltipoo Puppy

Now that we went over a few places you can find a Maltipoo, here is a list of things you should watch out for when considering your options:

  • The more information the better - Don’t just get caught up in the emotions of puppy pictures. When checking out a classified listing or a breeders listing on their site, look out for the details they offer in the listing.

  • Make sure the Maltipoo comes from a loving home - If a breeder is local, you want to ask if you can visit and see the living and whelping conditions in their home. If they are not local, ask if you can meet them and the puppies via facetime or another real time video solution. Those that are not comfortable with you in their home or initiating a video chat, likely means they have something to hide.

  • DO NOT meet anyone in a public place to look at their puppies - There are many stories of irresponsible breeders meeting people at a central location to sell puppies and when they finally purchase the puppy, they find out there are health problems or other issues and they have no way of contacting the breeder again for any resolution.

  • Review all pictures on the site - Many breeders will showcase dozens of puppy pictures on their site and some sketchy breeders can easily take photos from other places and showcase them as their own. Look for some consistency in the images and see whether they’re all taken in a similar environment. You can also look on their instagram pages or other social sites to see what kind of images they are sharing there as well as what others are saying.

  • Maltipoo Health Guaranty - You want to make sure the breeder has a clear and easy to understand health guaranty such as our 1 year health guarantee.

  • Look for videos - When breeders showcase videos on their website or classifieds, it’s much harder to falsify a video than images and there’s a lot more you can learn about a breeder. A video that includes puppies and the breeder can help you become acquainted with a breeder and see the relationship between a breeder and their Maltipoos. You also have an easier time seeing the nature of the maltipoos.

  • Look for a breeder with training programs - Now it’s rare for breeders to also offer puppy obedience training and I wouldn’t consider it a requirement when looking for a puppy but more of a bonus. You may or may not be interested in including your Maltipoo in puppy obedience training but finding a breeder that does offer training tells you they have a lot of experience with these breeds and are dedicated to the relationship they have with their Maltipoos.

Recurring Costs of a Maltipoo ~ $1,000 per year

Aside from the one-time expenses, there are also recurring costs associated with the care of your Maltipoo. Some of these include supplies, food, toys, and healthcare. Let’s go over some of these in more detail:

Food for your Maltipoo ~ $200 to $400 per year

Maltipoos are small which is great for the cost of food but you’ll want to make sure you get healthy dog food to support the energy level and lifespan of your Maltipoo.

We buy Nutrisource for our Maltipoos which is around $36 on amazon. One 15 lb bag can generally last 2 months per dog. But the cost variance can depend on other brands of dog food and the size and eating schedule of your dog. Nutrisource has an option for puppy food which helps with bone and body growth and adult dog food when they get 6 months old and up.

Toys for your Maltipoo ~ $50 per year

The Maltipoo is much more comfortable as an indoor dog so outdoor toys are not mandatory. But to save them from boredom, you’ll want a few chew toys and dog balls on hand. These toys need to be replaced over time depending on how aggresive your maltipoo is with them. We have a few suggestions on Toys for your Maltipoos if you’re interested in what our Maltipoos love!

Maltipoo Care ~ $600 per year

Your Maltipoos wellbeing is very important and this not only includes the food they eat and their exercise but also making sure they have regular vet checks and vaccinations. Now Maltipoo healthcare varies considerably and can be the highest driving cost of your Maltipoo but there are things you can do to help prevent any illnesses or diseases from arising in your Maltipoos life. Let’s break some of these down.

  • Spay/neuter service ~$60 one time - This service can be much less expensive for maltipoos since the charge typically depends on the dogs weight. The cost can be around $60

  • Vaccinations ~ $50 per year - Some vaccines you can give to your Maltipoo yourself or you can take them to a Vet. In the first year of your puppies life they’ll have more vaccinations so the first year will cost more but it gets reasonably less expensive each year.

  • Maltipoo Dental Care $100 to $300 per year - Dental care is an important part of your Maltipoos health because poor teeth can lead to more serious health problems. Some veterinary clinics offer dental cleaning and polishing for around $100 - $300 depending on the service you’d like.

  • Maltipoo Grooming ~ $360 per year - Because the Maltipoos coat is low to non shedding, it’s crucial to maintain a healthy and groomed coat. Groomers are usually between $30 - $60 for each groom and it’s ideal to have your maltipoo groomed every 30 - 60 days.

Although it’s very rare, your Maltipoo could have the risk of a number of hereditary problems that could drive the cost in your Maltipoos health care considerably. Some of the possible health problems are Epilepsy, Pancreatitis, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, White Shaker Syndrome, Cryptorchidism, and Hypoglycemia. These shouldn’t stop you from getting a Maltipoo as every single breed or mixed breed has their own risks of health problems, but they’re important to look out for and make sure you have proper screening processes in place.