How to Calm a Hyper Maltipoo

Having a pet Maltipoo puppy means that you most likely have a hyper and active dog. Does it ever stop? You may be surprised to know that Maltipoos are one of the calmest breeds of smaller dogs. But just like most dogs, they have their days, and mostly when they are younger. So how do you calm a Maltipoo when it's hyper? We’ve put together some categories to consider when your maltipoo is hyper and how to deal with the energy.

Your Maltipoo is Growing Up

When a Maltipoo is first beginning to learn how to bark, walk and run, it is super exciting, and they love it. Running around and barking is one of their favorite things. They love to have fun and enjoy life. But fear not it does go away after age. Once a dog starts into it's growing up phase, it starts to fade slowly. Less noise and running around and more cuddles and laying down. However, it may not ever stop entirely.

Training Your Maltipoo

Yay! The best is yet to come. Maltipoos are super knowledgable and usually easy to train. With determination and patience, you can get your Maltipoo trained in no time. You can teach them how to sit stand and even to take a nap. 

Training your Maltipoo will help direct their energy into learning and obedience. Engaging your puppy in training can also be a fun way to spend time connecting and building trust between each other.

Playing with Your Maltipoo Outside

If your Maltipoo is hyper and you don't know what to do, try taking them outside for some fun. Unlike indoors, outside tends to be a lot more spacious for playing and running around. It is a great way for your puppy to get tired and need to rest when they have a variety of things they can do. 

Exercising Your Maltipoo

Every dog needs exercise, whether they are big, small, or even fluffy. If you need to find toys or exercise equipment that your dog can play with, we have a few toy recommendations for your Maltipoo. Being hyper and energetic is what they are made for. If you can keep them entertained with exercise, they will start getting tired and want to relax.

Keeping a Peaceful Home

The feeling in the home tends to be the main thing that can make your dog hyper or calm. If you naturally have a quiet, peaceful home, your Maltipoo will usually be compatible with it. But if you have a rough more hyper unorganized home your Maltipoos can often be consistent with that as well. If a dog feels unsafe or as if there is an uneasy feeling toward its territory or property that could cause the dog to be hyper too. Make sure your Maltipoo feels safe around its area of food or space. Do not walk around or by its bowl during mealtime or while there is food inside it. A Maltipoo's toys are unique to them so unless you are playing a game with them or you are helping them get their toy don't touch it or take it from them. It could cause hyper behavior from feeling betrayed or at harm. 

Getting Your Maltipoo Familiar with Their Environment

When your Maltipoo is young, they are still getting used to the way of life. New noises such as a washing machine, a vacuum, or even the television might make them hyper seeing as they are not used to that sort of life yet. Other things like having new pets in the home such as a dog, cat, or another type of animal may be causing your Maltipoo to feel less attention or love and could cause them to be more hyperactive. 

Helping Your Maltipoo Release Energy

If your dog doesn't have enough space or area to move around in that may cause it to be hyper. Maltipoos need a healthy way to release energy and exercise. Not allowing them the chance to have the right amount or type of activity decreases their happiness. It may even cause them to be hyper or loud to make up for their loss of current time. 

Giving Your Maltipoo the Proper Attention

If you give your Maltipoo too much attention and are only giving them active time when they are with you, they might start to cling to you, and they will start to need you with them to have fun, causing them to be hyper and loud in order to get your attention.

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