Maltipoo Lifespan

Although the average lifespan of all dogs is about 10 - 13 years. Smaller dogs, such as the Maltipoo tend to have a bit longer of a life of 12 to 16 years.

You may also find it interesting that female dogs generally live longer than males by about 1 to 1 1/2 years.

Some also speculate that mixed breeds such as the Maltipoo might live longer than purebreds but we have found no conclusive studies to back this up.

There have been some studies that have shown that some health issues show up less in cross-breeds; but not all.

The Leading Cause of Death in Maltipoos

Although we don’t have enough information to determine the leading cause of death in maltipoos, we can estimate this a few ways. First let’s look at the common causes of death in mixed-breeds which are Musculoskeletal disease, Cancer, and trauma.

We can also look at the Poodle and Maltese causes. The Leading cause of death in the toy poodle are Neurological, Trauma, and Cancer. For the Maltese it’s Cardiovascular, Congenital, and Cancer.

How can I Help My Maltipoo Live a Long and Healthy Life?

There are things we can include in our maltipoo puppies life to help increase their life and make them healthier and more active overall. A few of these things include:

Spaying or Neutering

You might think you would spay or neuter your puppy to prevent unwanted litters but doing this can also reduce or eliminate some specific health risks including certain cancers.

Feeding Your Maltipoo a Healthy Diet

Diet plays a huge part in your maltipoos health. Making sure your maltipoo avoids certain foods and ensuring her dog food has the most healthy ingredients, will help her live a long and healthy life.

Keeping a Safe Environment for your Maltipoo

It’s important to consider the environment around a maltipoo is safe. They are small and some things a larger dog might be able to cope with, a Maltipoo may not.

Keeping your maltipoo primarily indoors is almost a certainty. They are not able to handle extreme temperatures and don’t do well outside. When your maltipoo is outside, a fenced yard is recommended. They can get very curious and wander off in dangerous areas.

Watch your step around Maltipoos. This is also especially important with small children in the home. Maltipoos might be very active and agile, but they are still small dogs and accidentally stepping, sitting, or falling on them can cause major injuries or death whereas a larger dog may be okay.

Keep your maltipoo on a leash when walking her will also ensure she is safely by your side and away from the harm of oncoming traffic or other potential dangers.

Stay Current on Vet visits

When you get your new puppy, it’s important to get their needed initial shots. they should come with their first shots already but there are some following shots such as Rabies shot that come a few weeks after.

It’s a good idea to visit the vet once per year for a checkup so you can catch any potential issues early on.

Read my article on When to Vaccinate Your Maltipoo Puppy for a schedule of recommended vet visits.