Maltipoo Safety Tips


All Maltipoo parents want what’s best for their puppies, but have you ever stopped to think about whether there were more precautions you could be taking to keep them safe? I have listed a few things you can do to make sure your Maltipoo is well taken care of and safe.

#1 - Puppy Proof Your House

There are many dangers just in your home for a new puppy that is curious about the world around him. But this tip is not just for puppies. Adult dogs have often swallowed items such as coins, batteries, candy, jewelry and pieces of children’s toys. This has led to choking emergencies and surgeries. Here’s what you can do to prevent injuries to your Maltipoo:

Be Aware of Poisonous Plants

Puppies like to chew on everything so it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with which plants are poisonous. You can find a general list here: Poisonous Plants for Dogs.

Tie up, Cover, or Remove Electrical Cords

Puppies often chew on electrical cords, and this can result in severe burns or death from electrical shock. You can secure them together up high or cover them with something like these Petcords.

Know Which Human Foods Are Toxic to Dogs

There are many foods that are fine for humans to eat but cause illness or even toxicity in dogs. Follow this link to learn which foods are toxic to dogs.

Always Supervise Interactions with Kids and Other Pets

Children don't always know the right way to handle puppies and may inadvertently hurt yours. Alternatively, a puppy may scratch or bite a child, resulting in injury. Other pets in the home might not take to your new puppy immediately, and cats and older dogs could hurt the puppy either purposely or by accident.

Secure Garbage Cans and Cleaning Supplies

Dogs have excellent noses and may try to get any leftovers in the garbage can, which can lead to diarrhea and vomiting. Many cleaning supplies are toxic to dogs. If they get it on their paws they might lick their paws to clean it off and be poisoned. Be sure to use child safety locks on any cupboard containing cleaning supplies.

#2 - Don’t Leave Your Maltipoo Outside Alone

It may save you time to let your dog outside on their own and maybe they don’t mind being out their alone, but even if your yard is fenced in, there are many dangers still. Secure open water sources and chemicals. If you are in an unfenced area with your puppy, keep him on a leash so he doesn't inadvertently escape, get hit by a car, or get into other trouble.

#3 - Use a Harness Instead of a Collar

Toy and small breeds are prone to collapsed trachea (the rings of cartilage that surround the windpipe collapse inward). Harnesses distribute pressure over a dog’s back, shoulders, and chest instead of placing it all on the neck like a collar would do. If you need a harness, this vest harness is a great option!

#4 - Buckle Your Maltipoo Up in the Car

The car is a very dangerous place for you Maltipoo if it is not buckled up. If you have to stop suddenly and your Maltipoo is just sitting on the seat or in your lap, he can get seriously injured. if you are going 30 mph and have a Maltipoo that weighs 10 pounds, he will be thrown with the force of a 300 pound object. Even if you are just going a short distance, it’s a good idea for you Maltipoo to be buckled. Most vehicle accidents happen within 5 miles of your home.

#5 - Protect Your Maltipoo’s Paws

Poor paw pad health can lead to issues with traction and mobility. Paws can become dried out and irritated from things like hot cement, ice, small gravel and sand. In the winter time, snow can become wedged in between the toes and stretch the delicate skin. So be sure to test the ground yourself before you make your Maltipoo take a walk on it. If it is too hot or cold for you, it’s too hot or cold for your Maltipoo. You should also check your Maltipoo’s paws routinely for cuts, burns, slivers and other damage.