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Providing the best for your maltipoo means finding the best groomers and suppliers for your needs. We’ve curated a list of the top categories to help you in your quest.

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For all your pet grooming needs


Puppy Resources


The Dog Lover’s Online Directory! If you are looking for a dog-related website, this is a great place to start. We’re a large and resourceful directory with a personal touch!

Wide variety of the best quality dog leashes - Dog training equipment for various types of training, dog collars, dog harnesses, bite sleeves, bite tugs, etc.

Purely Pet Portraits - Kate and Paul are traditional pet portrait artists, delivering portraits worldwide. They create fine art oil paintings as well as high quality charcoal and pencil drawings

BREEDER WEB & GRAPHIC DESIGN. DESIGN BY IS - Exquisite web and graphic design for canine and feline breeders, dog clubs, kennels, cattery and all animal-related businesses: Logo design, dog magazine ads, show dog presentations...

Dog Training Resources


Dog Treats, Horese Treats, and Small Animal Treats


Learn more about our Methods, In-home training program, puppy training program, board & train program, and group classes.


Dog Training in Houston Texas

With certified experienced trainers specializing in obedience training, puppy training, potty training and more. We offer you a life time guarantee with all of our training programs. Http://

Resources for other breeds

The world's only Free & Complete Dog Encyclopedia of Canines, Poochies and Puppies

Stylish leather Boxer collars for daily walks - Everyday use leather and nylon dog harnesses, genuine quality dog bite tugs and sleeves.

Daily walking Cane Corso dog collars of the best quality - Decorated leather dog harnesses and reliable dog leashes.

Leather dog collars of the best quality - Plenty of bite tugs and sleeves, dog harnesses and walking dog leashes.

Safe walking Pitbull muzzles for everyday use - Dog toys and bite tugs, decorated dog collars, dog harnesses.

Comfortable walking and training Siberian Husky harnesses - Wide variety of dog collars, dog toys, bite tugs and muzzles.

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