Thank you for Completing the Puppy Adoption Application

If you want to become a registered depositor, you may place your deposit now.

Once we receive your deposit, you’ll have a few options available

  1. You may choose to reserve any available puppy

  2. You can add your name to one of our current or upcoming litters from which you will choose your future puppy once that time arrives.

  3. You can have your name placed on our Master List of Depositors, which allows you the opportunity to secure a top pick from a future planned litter.

Please know that your deposit is always refundable and transferable prior to choosing a puppy. If you add your name to a particular litter and the "right" puppy is not available to you when it comes your turn to pick a puppy, you can withdraw from choosing and elect to have your deposit refunded or applied to a different litter.

PUPPY DEPOSIT fee - $500

Deposits are made through Paypal using the button below