Congratulations! Your puppy has graduated from Obedience Training! 

Your puppy should now be able to follow the commands Sit, Stay, Down, Come and Heel. He should be able to walk like a pro on a leash and know the basic routine of potty training. 

I know that your puppy is excited to be in his new home with his new family! Some things to remember about your puppy is that he/she loves and seeks your attention. Maltipoos thrive when they have a strong bond with their humans. 

Continued Obedience Training

Spending time with and training your puppy can make your bond even stronger. Your puppy’s training should not end when he graduates his program, you should create a loving relationship of trust with your puppy by continuing his training at home. You can practice each command with them at least once a day. It doesn’t have to be a training session, but you can practice while you’re playing with your puppy and whenever you take him for a walk.

Continued Potty Training

Potty training should continue until your puppy has not had an accident for two months straight at YOUR house. Your puppy has begun learning not to go potty in our house, but that does not mean he will not go potty in your house. Dogs instinctively go potty somewhere other than the space that they live in. He has to learn that your home is his home too. Here are a couple of things you should do once your puppy is finished with his training program:

Put your puppy on a schedule. 

When your puppy is attached to you and on a schedule, you can more easily predict when he will need to go outside to go potty. Puppies have weak bladders and can go potty in the blink of an eye so he will need to be watched very closely. Your puppy should eat 3 small meals a day and as he gets older just 2 meals a day. Have water available to your puppy at all times during the day. Put the water away 2-3 hours before bedtime so he can sleep through the night.

Keep your puppy attached to you with a leash for the first 2 weeks of being in his new home. 

It’s important to set aside time to be with your puppy in your home the first 2 weeks of them arriving. By attaching their leash to you, you stay in close proximity with your puppy and can watch for signs that they are about to go potty. When your puppy begins circling or sniffing around, you want to quickly pick him up and bring him to his designated potty spot and say “Go Potty” 

Be as boring as possible so your puppy doesn’t get distracted from his mission to go potty. After he has done his business, show excitement and praise to help him learn he is being rewarded by going outside.

Here is a video that explains one of the best ways to potty train.

When to take your puppy to go potty

In addition to watching for signs your puppy needs to go potty, the most important times to take your puppy out to go potty are:

  • First thing in the morning

  • Right before bed

  • After spending time in the crate

  • After playing

  • After eating

Here’s a nice graphic with great tips!