What You'll Need Before Taking Your Maltipoo Home

Dog Crate/Kennel


Before bringing your new Maltipoo puppy home, you will need to decide where he/she will sleep. Most dogs don’t like to feel exposed and prefer cave-like spaces, so be sure to select something that will be just bigger than your dog that they can feel safe in.

Consider getting a kennel like this one: https://www.amazon.com/Petmate-Porter-Heavy-Duty-Carrier-Secure/dp/B0002VAZUM/ref=sr_1_17?keywords=small+dog+kennel&qid=1554417294&s=gateway&sr=8-17

Food & Water Bowls


Food & Treats


Food is one of the most important things to have when getting a new puppy. There are many different kinds of dog food to choose from. Most breeders will send a small bag of food home with you to help them transition to whichever food you have decided to feed them.

Be sure to choose a healthy dog food for your new Maltipoo. Look for food that has meat and meat meal as the first ingredients. Also look for the AAFCO certification to make sure it meets the basic requirements for vitamins and trace minerals that dogs need. Never buy any dog food that contains corn or soy.

Treats are very useful when training your Maltipoo whether it is potty training, kennel training, or simply learning some new tricks. I have found that my Maltipoos really love to learn when I have these treats made by Blue Buffalo:


Collar & Leash


Make sure you have a good collar and leash so you can take your Maltipoo on some nice walks.




Toys are a must have for your new Maltipoo, especially chew toys. They will keep him/her busy so they don’t start chewing on furniture, shoes, carpet etc. Refer to my article ‘Best Toys for Your Maltipoo’ for help in selecting the right toys for your Maltipoo.

Stain & Odor Removing Cleaners