Maltese vs. Maltipoo

Let’s start with the obvious. The Maltese is a purebred dog and the Maltipoo is a hybrid dog. In order for a dog to be considered 'purebred' he must be a descendant of known purebreds of the same breed. Most purebred dogs are registered with a kennel club, but it is not required. The clubs were created to keep a guideline that dictates the expected size of the dog, coloring, ear set, tail set etc.. This helps keep a consistent appearance within the breed.

Is a Maltipoo Right for You?

Getting a dog or puppy on impulse is not usually a good idea.  Each breed of dog was designed to do specific things. You need to decide what you want in a dog and what your dog will be doing before deciding on a breed.  When different breeds were originally developed, there was a greater emphasis on the ability to do a job, such as herding, guarding, hunting, drafting, etc., than appearance.  If a particular breed interests you, find out what the dog was bred to do.