Do Maltipoos Have Hair or Fur?

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Most breeds have fur consisting of multiple layers and usually denser but the maltipoo has hair which is a single layer. This is because both the poodle and the maltese are breeds with hair.

Some people that are allergic to fur prefer a dog, such as the maltipoo, with hair so they can avoid allergic problems. But did you know the allergic reactions are not because of the fur or hair?

Fur and hair only act as carriers to these allergens which are actually the skin, saliva, and other parts of the dogs body. Because hair sheds far less often than fur, people with allergic reactions have found it is safe to own a breed such as a maltipoo.

What is the biggest differences between hair and fur on Animals?

The main difference is that hair grows to be much longer and has a much slower growth cycle which means dogs with hair shed less.

Hair is generally smooth, longer and finer than fur. Because the maltipoo is a hybrid between the maltese and poodle, the look of the hair will vary from straight, wavy, or curly.

Usually when a maltipoos hair is more curly, it is able to trap more dander which results in allergies being triggered less often or not at all.

Fur is almost always shorter in length and denser than hair and grows much faster which means it sheds more heavily carrying some of the dander with it.

How do I tell if I’m allergic to a Maltipoo?

There’s only one way to be certain. It’s a good idea to visit the puppy you are considering being home and spending at least 15 minutes close to the puppy. Playing with it and see if you have any allergic reactions. Chances are, you are going to be okay but if you’re not a fan of chances, this is a good solution.